DDEX Release Distributor Implementation


DDEX has standardised a series of Message Suite Standards that define the syntax and semantics of business metadata exchanged by members of the digital media delivery chain. This standard defines how such messages, and other data such as Resource files, can be exchanged using FTP and/or Web Services. http://www.ddex.net/

I was very lucky to be engaged with this protocol at its first steps and to be able to work with engineers from major labels such as Sony DADC, WMG and EMI. As a DDEX member my responsibility was to design and implement web services that would support automated exchange of information along the digital supply chain. I also was able to offer to the DDEX protocol with suggestions which have led to improvements.


Architect, Software Developer

Technologies Used:

.NET, C#, WCF, XML Serialization, Windows Service, SQL Server, FTP